Laserneedle Akupunktur

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applied photomedicine

One of the most important limitations in Photomedicine is the penetration depth of photons in human tissue, which is in general small. The absorption coefficients of biological tissue are immutable material constants, which
determine the light penetration.

As the first therapeutic system worldwide, the medlouxx is using a special physical effect, the QIT-effect[quantumoptical induced transparency]. The QIT principle modifies the absorption of photons, by changing the actual absorption kinetics and increases the penetrationdepth of light in biological tissue significantly.

A further dimension becomes available for photomedical treatments, the action depth of the radiation !


medlouxx offers specialized photomedical devices and clinically approved treatments for:


* Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

* Laseracupuncture according to the Laserneedle- method

medlouxx devices can be used and medlouxx-treatments can be performed by

* medical doctors

* veterinary doctors

* medical practitioners

* Physiotherapists

medlouxx a new dimesion in photomedicine