LASERneedle of the 5th generation

In the last ten years, laserneedle acupuncture has become a new category in acupuncture, with its own scientific basics. It combines the tradition of Chinese acupuncture with the possibilities of modern technology. Laserneedle acupuncture is in accordance with the aim of traditional medicine, because it uses the most essential and most natural medium of our existence, the light, to heal illnesses. The painless laserneedle acupuncture is of proven medical effectiveness and particularly suited for the treatment of children and those patients who regard the metal needle insertion into the skin as unpleasant. In daily practical use, laserneedle acupuncture can be performed like any traditional needle acupuncture treatment.The diagnostic criteria of acupoint selection, the treatment duration and treatment frequency are similar compared to the traditional Chinese acupuncture.

Laser acupuncture can heal what is disturbed, it can regulate the dysbalances in Yin and Yang and the blockades of Qi. Laser acupuncture cannot heal, what is damaged. Here are the limits of all
acupuncture treatments ! If you wanna go beyond these limits, we recommend the regenerative medlouxx- treatments. There is no doubt that the adjuvant application of laser acupuncture and regeneration treatments are the most important tendency in the intergative medicine in the near future.

medlouxx LASERneedles are emitting red radiation of 660 nm wavelength, which is just weakly absorbed in tissue. The stimulus at the acupuncture points is elicited by an non-direct action chain, because the red laser radiation does not interact directly with peripheral nociceptors and cannot induce action potentials at peripheral nociceptors. Actually, the red laser radiation activates the degranulation of mast cells, which leads to an increase of histamin in the ECM. Due to the increased histamin concentration the peripheral nociceptors become depolarized and start to fire the acupuncture-typical action potentials. These electrical pulses are transducted via the spinal chord to the cortex, where a specific physiological response to that external stimulus is organized. One can objectivize that by detecting an increase in cortical activity, cerebral blood flow and
cerebral oxygen saturation, which are specific for the acupoint combination selected.

medlouxx LASERneedle devices are equipped with a blue laser channel of 405 nm wavelength. The blue stimulation also elicites action potentials at peripheral nociceptors, which are activating selectively the corresponding cortical areas. However, the acupuncture point stimulation with blue radiation can be felt by the patients, it creates a sensation similar to an “ant-bite”. Scientific studies, which were performed using blue laserneedles, have demonstrated that blue laser needles always induce strong, long lasting De-Qi sensations in the affected extremity.

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The "Laserneedles" for acupuncture were invented and developed by the german scientist Dr.D.Schikora at the Paderborn University (Germany) in 2002.

The scientific research studies about the mechanism of Laserneedle acupuncture are published in the book " Laserneedle acupuncture- Science and Practice " of G.Litscher and D.Schikora. The clinical experience of more then 15 years is summarized in the "LASERNEEDLE THERAPY HANDBOOK"  of Schikora,Klowersa, Suwanda, describing in detail the protocols of about 150 important acupuncture indications.

The basic research studies about Laserneedle acupuncture were acknowledged by the AAMA (American Academy of Medical Acupuncture) and the MARF ( Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation) of the United States of America USA with the 1.International Reserach Award .

„The Biological Effects of Laserneedle Acupuncture“
G.Litscher and D.Schikora u.a.
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It`s not a smartphone, it`s the new medlouxx Laserneedle acupuncture device !

The medlouxx laserneedle devices are small and handy. They have a modern glas-touchpad as input unit. The operation is easy and intuitively. All treatments are non-invasive and painless. medlouxx acus laserneedle acupuncture does not induce any adverse events and are free of side-effects.

The medlouxx Laserneedle device is equipped with 10 laser needles.

medlouxx-LASERneedle acupuncture device of the 5th generation

We have developed in the last years a new, revolutionary type of laserneedles, the

"twinpower" Laserneedles.

Exclusively for the medlouxx Laserneedle device new high power ”twinpower Laserneedles” are available !
These new “twinpower Laserneedles ” are extremly useful in pain treatments, they induce reliable
strong and long lasting De-Qi sensations. Using only one “twinpower Laserneedle ” in a treatment, the medlouxx Laserneedle acupuncture analgesia becomes much more effective than any traditional metal needle acupuncture !

Using "twinpower Laserneedle" new acupuncture concepts like the Master Tung acupuncture can be performed !

  • The painless LASERneedle acupucnture is in particular suited for treatment of children:

    Bronchitis Asthma treatment

    Objektivisation of LASERneedle efffects: Treatment of smell disorders using LI 20

    olfactory cortex: BA 28,34,35,36 A.Anzinger, Klinikum Munich- Gro▀hadern,double- blind clinical study for treatment of smell disorders by Laserneedles

    combination of LASERneedle acupuncture und medlouxx-Phototherapy

    treatment of achillodynia

    medlouxx LASERneedle in all day practice:

    chronic back pain, simulation of the acupoints Chong Zi / MT 22.01, Chong Xian/ MT 22.02 SI3 /  Houxi with medlouxx-LASERneedles

    medlouxx SULBI

    sublingual laser-blood-irradiation by a miniaturizized medlouxx tongue adapter

    medlouxx ACM

    medlouxx ACM Set (auditory cortex modulation) for treatment of subjective chronic tinnitus according to

    Pantev C, et al. (2004) Lateral inhibition and habituation of the human auditory cortex. Eur J Neurosci 19:2337–2344]
    Ch. Siedentopf, D.Schikora, A.Schlager    Neuroscience Letters 411 (2007) 189–193