It`s not a smartphone, it`s the medlouxx device !

medlouxx IR basic system

Stimulation of humanen

osteoblast cells by medlouxx irradiation


Phototherapy is definded as the excitation of endogenous chromophores of the organism by visible and infrared electromagnetic radiation for stimuation of physiological and clinical effects without creating heat and damaging the tissue. *

All eucariotic cells exhibit same photobiological excitation properties. Medlouxx is using monochromatic infrared radiation of 830 nm wavelength. The medlouxx radiation is of natural, non-coherent character. The advantage is that all regulations and safety requierements, which are necessary for laserradiation (= coherent radiation) are not relevant for medlouxx treatments. The medlouxx treatments are safer and more riskless for patients and therapists compared to laser treatments.

The clinical efficiacy of phototherapeutic treatments depends on the spectral coincidence of the emission spectrum of the light source and the absorption spectrum of the target tissue molecule. The absorption process of photons on tissue molecules is always a and basically of non-coherent nature ! Therefore the non-coherent radiation cretaes the same photobiological effects as coherent laser radiation, provided that the intensity and the wavelength are equal.

Furthermore, it can be demonstrated that the broad non-coherent emission spectra of the medlouxx devices can be better adapted to the (usually broad) absorption spectra of the target molecules as it would be possible for Laser emission spectra. l

Medlouxx is using exclusively a patented procedure, which is based on a well known physical transparency effect, the electromagnetic induced transparency. The transparancy of the light in tissue is improved, in particular in bone tissue, which was confirmed by a study at the medical university of Graz (Austria), published recently in the International Journal of Photoenergy,Volume 2014, Article ID 268354.

For medical doctors, veterinary doctors, medical practitioners and physiotherapists, the medlouxx devices can be used for a broad therapeutic spectrum. Medlouuxx devices can be equipped with different radiation heads :

- medlouxx-IR, basic device with 830 nm radiation head for all phototherapeutic treatments

- medlouxx 405 nm radiation head for bacterial infections (Proprionibacterium acnes, Staphylococcus aureus,  Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia ) and skin rejuvenation treatments

medlouxx head 830 nm medlouxx- head 405 nm

Randomized controlled clinical trials (RCT)are available for the treatments of:
acute and chronic joint diseases (osteoarthritis), osteonecrosis, tendon inflammations, neurologic diseases (depression), peripheral nerve injuries, dermatologic diseases, urologic diseaes (infertility), ophtalmologic diseases (AMD), ENT diseases ( Sinusitides ) and for treatments of acute and chronic pain .

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Some impressivly effectiv indications for medlouxx phototherapy are the Hashimoto-Thyreoiditis, with clearly visible follicel-regeneration, the osteoarthritis of the fum and the age related macula degeneration

For all medlouxx phototherapies we deliver clinically approved treatment protocolls, which are based on own or international clinical RCT.

medlouxx- treatments are non-invasiv, free of side effects and other unintentional events.
medlouxx- treatments are always pain free
medlouxx- radiation penetrates deep in human tissue and is succesfully used for transcranial treatments of neurologic diseases.
medlouxx- treatment protocolls are based on randomized controlled clinical trials.
medlouxx- treatmenst are safe and riskless for patients and therapists.

* Phototherapy belongs to the alternate medical treatments, which are not yet recognized by school medicine.